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The Pioneer of Cosmetic Ultrasound

In 1989, it was Dr. med. Panaijotis Kleanthous who discovered ultrasound for cosmetics. He was the one who set the pace by defining frequencies and intensities for these applications. 13 years later, Dr. med. Elmar Ulrich revolutionised the vistas and range of effects of ultrasound applications by converting the frequencies initially modulated for Dr. Kleanthous Cosmetics into ultrasound according to bioresonances. This marked the birth of sonostar III and sonoresonance therapy. The fourth generation of sonostar is going to the starting line in 2009, but this time with something entirely new in the world. The sonostar matrix now not only generates the familiar and optimised functions, but also the light frequencies that match the needs of your skin.

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is sound waves beyond the range of human hearing. These are very high tones in a range higher than 20,000 oscillations/second (Hz). Athletic physicians have been specifically using ultrasound for many years as a tool for introducing active ingredients contained in gels into the skin. This process is called sonophoresis. The vibration of ultrasound opens the skin up to the smallest molecules while the frequency of the ultrasound determines the depth at which the sound waves penetrate into the tissue and the extent of stimulation of the skin. For instance, ultrasound penetrates deeper into tissue if it has a frequency of 1 MHz while 3 MHz only oscillates in the upper layers of the skin.

What is Light?

Light is an electromagnetic wave that is generated by constant cyclical conversion of electrical and magnetic field energy. The light spectrum is broken down into what are known as the spectral colours that appear in nature as rainbows when light is refracted through a prism (as Isaac Newton did in 1671).

spectrum colours

The spectrum of light is a special portion on the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye can perceive. The wavelength range of the spectrum of light ranges from approximately 380-715 nm (nanometres).

How Does Spectral Therapy Function?

There are coloured proteins (cytochromes) in the power plants of our cells (known as the mitochondria) that are crucial to the way our metabolism functions and the production of enzymes and proteins. They react to the spectral colours of the light by absorbing colours such as blue, violet or yellow. The 21 programs of the sonostar matrix transmit at least two and as many as seven different spectral colours each to the skin.

What Effect Does Pulsed Ultrasound and Light Have on Your Skin?

  • cleansing your tissue of impurities
  • promoting circulation
  • activating the transport of lymph
  • activating fibroplasts
  • accelerating diffusion processes
  • activating collagenases
  • massaging the tissue from inside
  • guiding metabolism
  • boosting ATP activity
  • stimulating the membrane layers
  • Our experience with ultrasound since 1989 has shown that ultrasound gives the crucial boost to the effects of all active ingredients

    sonoresonanz therapy

    We call ultrasound applications with our sonostar III programmed for bioresonance sonoresonance therapy. Bioresonance in ultrasound is a form of oscillation therapy. Certain "calculated" tones have a positive influence on our well-being and compensate for whatever disturbs our harmony. These frequencies are calculated according to bioenergetic patterns that these skin problems are rooted in. This gives us higher efficiency while helping us to ameliorate various skin problems in cosmetic applications.

    matrix - therapy

    We call matrix - therapy the pinpoint stimulation of the layers of membranes in your skin with modularly programmed ultrasound frequencies and defined multi-chromal spectral light and special products of the range of Kleanthous products. This cleanses the skin of impurities, activates the metabolic processes and promotes the formation of new proteins. The combination of waves of light and ultrasound gives order to the structures and biochemical processes in and around the cells in a natural fashion. Restoring the original (meaning youthful) morphological structure is a milestone in KLEANTHOUS anti-aging research.