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Dr. Kleanthous Kosmetik

Dr. Kleanthous Kosmetik GmbH is an internationally operated cosmetic company and a leading provider of regenerative cosmetics in the fields of innovation, quality, service and economy for its customers. In 1989, Dr. med. Panaijotis Kleanthous founded this company in Heidelberg. As a physician, Dr. Kleanthous was always engaged in developing alternative healing methods and the results of ageing. He discovered the smallest protein molecules, the so-called cell supporting molecules (c.s.m.), for use in his treatments. As soon as they were tested and approved medically, he began using the cell supporting molecules (c.s.m.) as an ingredient in his cosmetics. He wanted to apply the same success he had experienced by injecting c.s.m. under the skin, to his cosmetic institute. In order to achieve that, he needed a further resource to transfer enough c.s.m. into the skin without injecting it directly. Ultrasound was the magic word and still is today. In 1989, Dr. Kleanthous commissioned the assembly of the first Ultrasound device designed for use in the cosmetic industry and in so doing, started a new era in the world of cosmetics: Ultrasound combined with the ingredient c.s.m. That combination promises skin regeneration and long-lasting results against wrinkles and many other changes in the skin due to aging. The first step was made. In the years following, Dr. Kleanthous developed many other effective products in his Regenerative Centre in Heidelberg whilst retaining his focus on his main point of concern - people and their wish for everlasting youth.

Today, Dr. Kelanthous Kosmetik GmbH is represented in more than 20 different countries and has established itself in the upper market segment as a reliable partner in the field of cosmetic and wellness.